Sunday, August 23, 2009

While She Was Dreaming..

Another piece that I finished it's design just now.. Well I guess this one needs a little definition..

In the picture you can see a girl in pose of sleeping.. But Because of the the way her hair is you may also think she's falling or going through depth of water..
At the background on top you can see darkness.. That's were the girl seems to be falling from.. And then at the bottom of the background you can see light and brightness.. This is were the girl in the picture will fall..
In conclusion our character is falling to a better place.. And as long as she is asleep and this is happening in her dreams, falling will not hurt her eventough it may seem scary and dangerous..


  1. ic.. u like designing~ well... keep it up~ ^.^


  2. Dream weaving is a wonderful thing. This is a lovely design. I like this a lot. You are a very creative.


  3. Hmm...nice. And who is this dreaming girl.?

  4. I am really inspired...Nice work PoPo. Much love from here.