Monday, April 5, 2010

Prom Nite 2010 (A Night In Paris)..

Prom Nite 2010 was a night that I will never forget.. So I decided to upload some of the pictures we took that night (by the way, the Prom's theme was "A Night In Paris")..

Pictures of the guys gang :) :

Picture of the girls gang :) :

Some other shots:

Me! :

Me and my partner:

Some of my designs for the Prom:

the ticket
booklet cover page (for VIP only)
program flow booklet
signature board

On the whole it was a real real memorable night.. Planted in my memories.. :)~


  1. I can tell which pics are of you. My your a nice looking young man. Like the way you wear your hair. Is that your prom date in the last photo with you?

    Wonderful artwork you did for the prom. Hope you all had a rockin' good time!



  2. Thx all ^^~
    Haha... Hihi Rhiannon.. She's a friend of mine.. And thx.. Yeah!.. I really enjoyed the night~~~